30 years BeachTech beach cleaner
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30 Years of BeachTech
Beach cleaner

BeachTech began in 1991 and since then has been a leading innovator in beach cleaning and sand sifting equipment for both beach and off-beach markets.  Our company culture focuses on continuous improvement and we pride ourselves on product innovation, offering the largest selection of sifting and screening equipment in the world.  With seven (7) different models available, BeachTech has proven to have a machine for almost every use and has been able to place thousands of beach cleaning machines around the world, roaming the beaches, picking up trash and creating a better customer experience for the beach going public.

Our portfolio includes the BT 5500, which is the world’s only self-propelled, zero degree turning radius, beach cleaning machine, as well as the BT 3000, which is the largest beach cleaning machine in the world today.  BeachTech machines have a range of working widths and holding capacity, which is important for all applications, not just beach cleaning.  If you have a surface that needs to be screened or sifted, such as an arena, equestrian facilities, wastewater treatment plants, oil spills, sod farms, etc., BeachTech has an economical and efficient solution for you.

Strong partners

Our longtime success is the result of efforts made by the many people involved: customers, dealers, and employees all over the world. We would like to say Thank You to all of them – for their trust in BeachTech products and their dedication to them. 

BeachTech beach cleaners have a worldwide service and dealer network, so customers have a nearby contact for any questions.
30 years BeachTech beach cleaner: Chile
"Customers have understood"

Cristiàn Elgueta
Telemet Sudamérica, Ltda.
BeachTech dealer since 1998 

"Admittedly - beach cleaning was not an issue for the communities when we started. We first had to explain to them what this could do for tourism on Chile's beaches. In the meantime, we have done a lot of convincing - and are already a bit proud of our 12 BeachTech running in Chile. Thanks to BeachTech's unique cleaning technology, our customers keep coming back to us. And they choose the product that we have considered the best on the market for so long. Above all, cost efficiency plays a decisive role in the negotiations. And customers have understood that the beach is showing a new face - also in terms of environmental thinking - and that with BeachTech you can achieve this result in much less time."

All this applies to the whole of Latin America: even in coastal countries like Mexico, Peru or Venezuela, you can find BeachTech - and the corresponding service base."

30 years BeachTech beach cleaner: India
"Traditions are maintained despite advancing technology"

Pankaj Malhotra
Enviro Systems Pvt. Ltd., India
BeachTech dealer since 2000 

"India has thousands of miles of coastline with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Tourism is becoming an increasingly important source of income. Numerous BeachTech beach cleaners are working on the beaches in the Mumbai area and some other cities in India. Recently, we delivered another BeachTech 2000 - to the city beach Malpe Beach in Udupi, South India. It is the first BeachTech sold to this area. And that's why the vehicle was handed over to the community in a special official ceremony by the Minister of State for Fisheries, Youth and Sports. This is the custom here in India. The flower chains and garlands with which the beach cleaner was lavishly decorated underline the importance of this acquisition. Traditions are maintained despite advancing technology."

30 years BeachTech beach cleaners: Malaysia
"BeachTech supplies state-of-the-art equipment!"

Ahmad Lazli Abd Latif
UMW Holding
BeachTech dealer since 2009

"The state-of-the-art technology of BeachTech beach cleaners meets all our requirements and expectations. Thanks to BeachTech, we are able to move forward with beach cleaning initiatives in Malaysia!"

30 years BeachTech beach cleaner: Spain
"Tourism in Spain is booming"

Casli, S.A., Spanien
responsible for BeachTech since 2006 

"Tourism is a very important source of income here in Spain - even more so in recent years.  Therefore, beach communities have always been aware that the beach is their most important asset. And that it must be carefully looked after. In the years we've been representing BeachTech in Spain, we've been able to sign some really big contracts. In total, we have around 300 beach cleaners running. Even in the difficult times, in the crisis year of 2012, ALVAC in Asturias, for example, consistently pursued its course of investing in the beaches and thus in tourism. 12 beach cleaners were delivered to the coasts of Asturias at that time. And tourism here in Spain continues to boom. That makes me happy and confident! I believe the secret of our success is mainly due to the people in and around our team, who have worked with great dedication and heart and soul for the BeachTech cause over all these years. Here's to the next 30 years!"

30 years of BeachTech beach cleaners: oil use in the USA
North America
"Even before the oil washed up, BeachTech was on the scene"

Scott Merrill
responsible for the North American market since 2002 

"After the Deepwater Horizon oil rig blowout in April 2010, chaos reigned at first. Even before the first oil washed up, we were on the scene with our beach cleaners. We quickly developed a strategy - initial thoughts on modifications to the BeachTech for this particular operation as well as how to approach the officials. The baptism of fire was a demonstration in front of the BP officials. We were the only ones to get the permission to even drive with our beach cleaners to the affected beaches. For more than 6 weeks we shuttled from beach to beach, initially to show how BeachTech works on the oil and later to set up emergency spares, train the drivers and keep the vehicles running. In all, over 30 vehicles were shipped to the U.S. in a matter of weeks, some by air freight. It was really a hot time!"

30 years BeachTech beach cleaner - dealer in Mexico
"It's impressive how BeachTech deals with challenges

Siegfried Bretschneider,
BeachTech dealer since 2003 

"BeachTech is an excellent company. The cooperation is characterized by great helpfulness and trust. Over the years, what was initially a purely business relationship has developed into a friendly relationship. It is impressive how BeachTech deals with challenges. Recently, for example, we worked on a project of two beach cleaners in Belize, which initially seemed difficult due to travel restrictions. BeachTech successfully steered the project, including on-site commissioning, in the right direction.

The products themselves impressed us with their high quality. We are proud to represent BeachTech in our territory!"

30 years BeachTech beach cleaner: South Korea
South Korea
"Quality and unique technology - that's BeachTech!"

Young H. Kim
ING Corporation
works with BeachTech for 24 years

"What I appreciate most about BeachTech is the quality and unique technology of the beach cleaners. For BeachTech, the protection of beaches and vegetation is a concern. The international team supports us at all times - our relationship with a manufacturer couldn't be better!"

30 Years BeachTech beach cleaners: UMW Holding
UMW Holding

BeachTech dealer since 2009

30 Years BeachTech beach cleaners: Czysta Plaża Polen
Czysta Plaża

BeachTech dealer since 2016

30 Years BeachTech beach cleaners:  Mekong

BeachTech dealer since 2010

30 years of BeachTech beach cleaners: Qatar Oibakones
Qatar Oibakones

BeachTech dealer since 2013

30 years of BeachTech beach cleaners: Morita Tecnos Corp.
Morita Technos Corp.

BeachTech dealer since 2009

30 years of BeachTech beach cleaners: Rock Bridge
Rock Bridge

BeachTech dealer 

30 years of BeachTech beach cleaners: Tecnoclean

BeachTech dealer since 2003

30 years of BeachTech beach cleaners: Telemet Sudamérica
Telemet Sudamérica

BeachTech dealer since 1998 

30 years of BeachTech beach cleaners: Bonenkamp

BeachTech dealer since 1999

30 years of BeachTech beach cleaners: Casli, S.A.
Casli, S.A.

BeachTech dealer since 2006

30 years of BeachTech beach cleaners: Enviro Systems
Enviro Systems

BeachTech dealer since 2000

30 years of BeachTech beach cleaners: ING Corporation
South Korea
ING Corporation

BeachTech dealer since 1997

30 years of BeachTech beach cleaners: Multico

BeachTech dealer since  2009

30 years of BeachTech beach cleaners: EmpireTech

BeachTech dealer since  2008

Beach cleaning specialist

Clean beaches, the fight against plastic waste and sand cleaning in the various areas:
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